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To make it easier for you to bring your existing code to Windows 10 and the Windows Store, Microsoft is releasing a number of Windows Bridge toolkits. Initial releases of the bridges are being made available as Limited Developer Preview programs, which are scoped to a limited number of developers. By limiting the number of developers involved, the engineering team is better able to get the feedback necessary to advance the toolkit and to ensure that the toolkits meet the needs of the developer community. As each bridge evolves, Microsoft will make it more broadly available.

You can use this page to subscribe for more information about Windows Bridges previews. As we have information to share, we will provide you with updates via email. Current bridges in preview include the following:

  • Windows Bridge for iOS: This toolkit enables iOS® developers to build Universal Windows Platform apps using their existing Objective-C® code.
  • Mobilize.Net's Silverlight bridge: We will be providing guidance and migration toolkits to help Windows Phone Silverlight developers update their Windows Phone apps to take advantage of the Universal Windows Platform.
  • Desktop Bridge: This toolkit will enable desktop developers to package their existing .NET and Win32-based desktop apps. After conversion, developers can gradually bring their apps to the Universal Windows Platform.

To get more information about these developer preview programs, we need some information about you. For Limited Developer Preview programs, this information also helps ensure that those accepted into the previews have an optimal experience. We want to give as many of you as possible a chance to try out these new technologies, but our initial spots are limited for certain programs. If you do not receive an invitation from us right away, we hope you’ll be patient with us. We intend to expand the program to additional developers on a regular basis.

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